Most of the blind individuals residing in Mumbai and suburbs & adjoining districts of Thane & Raigad hail from Below Poverty Line. Since they belong to economically weaker strata, they find it extremely difficult to meet their daily expenses. Poverty and hunger causes malnutrition in them as food becomes beyond their reach due to high prices. This results in various types of common to major ailments. In addition, some of the hawkers meet with accident during travelling which leads to further disability. Besides, serious ailments like kidney failure, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stroke etc.add to their sufferings. But due to financial constraints they tend to neglect their health conditions which at times result in untimely death.

Although some of the leading Medical trusts in Mumbai help them partially for major ailments, this help remains meager. In view of this, BPA started a Medical Assistance Scheme. It covers clinical tests, treatment of ailments, and purchase of medicines, surgery and Hospitalization. The Executive Council decides the amount of assistance on case-to-case basis on submission of Prescriptions, Bills and Medical Reports. Approximately Rs.1, 00,000/- is disbursed annually to the beneficiaries.

As the medical treatment is getting costlier day by day, we found this amount inadequate and decided to increase it substantially. A target of Medical Corpus of Rs.15, 00,000/-is aimed at, so that interest accrued upon would be available for needy beneficiaries. We are happy to announce that donors and well wishers, sighted as well as blind, have responded generously to our appeal and BPA could collect Rs.10,00,000/-from August 2010 to March 2015 Many donors are still coming forward to help us in this noble cause.

Your generous contribution towards Medical Corpus is highly appreciated.

  • During the year 2013-2014, we had provided the said medical assistance to the tune of Rs.75, 038/- to 22 clients.
  • During the year 2014-2015, we had provided the said medical assistance to the tune of Rs 1, 17,579/- to 39 clients.
  • During the year 2015-16 we had provided the said medical assistance to the tune of Rs.1,06,108/- to 47 clients.