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As usual,   the free distribution of educational materials to the sighted children of visually impaired parents was held on   Saturday 15th June  2019, at the B P A office, Cottongreen. The educational materials such as School bags, Lunch Box, Water Bottle, Note Books, pencils, erasers, scale, sharpeners etc. were distributed free of cost. Mr Y D Zope, Vice President, Mr Ketan Kothari, Hon. General Secretary, Mr Purshottam Patel, Mr Ramesh Thakkr and Mr Nilesh Kulkarni members of the Executive Council were present on this occasion  and distributed the kits to the students  at  their hands.  During this year  75 sighted children  of 62  blind parents  benefitted  by this project.    

The Note Books were sponsored by Mr Hitesh Mehta of H M Classes who has been sponsoring the same  for the past 12 years through the kind courtesy Mr Purshottam Patel. The  Lunch Boxes and Compass boxes were donated by Mrs & Mr Bhaskar Salian through the kind courtesy of Mrs Savita Zende.  Through her efforts we have also received cash  donations from Ms Pradnya Jayaprakash Bhogle, Ms Ratna Chowdhury, Ms Kiran Mahesh Rajpal and Mr Prasad Todankar.  Water Bottles, scales, pencils etc. worth Rs 2,000/- were donated by Mr C A Patu, our Ex-Vice President.   The Association  kept on record its  sincere thanks to all the donors for their  valuable assistance and appreciated the efforts of Mr Purshottam Patel and Mrs Savita Zende for procuring the donations for the Association.