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The Blind Persons’ Association (BPA) is a registered voluntary charitable organization and has been working since 19th October, 1947 for the betterment of blind individuals residing in Mumbai and its  adjoining districts.  BPA caters to the needs of non-institutionalized blind persons hailing from weaker economic strata.

Our Activities :

  • Scholarship and Educational Assistance to Sighted Children of Blind Parents and College going Blind students (BPA offers scholarship to the sighted children of Blind Parents from Primary to Post Graduation and College going Blind students. At the beginning of every academic year, BPA provides educational material to the children of blind parents  free of cost up to primary level.  Annual budget for the above scheme is Rs.2,50,000/-).
  • Help the Aged Scheme (BPA provides monthly financial assistance of 500/- in kind to the Blind Senior Citizens to meet their daily needs who do not have sustainable income.
  • Medical Assistance (BPA gives medical facilities to the needy Blind Persons and their dependents such as cost of medicines, surgery and diagnostics test. BPA has set up corpus fund of Rs.12,00,000/- lakhs for this purpose and annual interest accrued is utilized to meet the expenses partly. Due to ever rising cost of medical expenses and reduction in the Bank interest, the present corpus fund is inadequate and we intend to increase the same up to Rs.20,00,000/- lakhs).
  • Financial Assistance (BPA provides financial assistance to meet unforeseen expenses as well as household articles like beds, fan, cupboard and utensils to the needy persons).
  • House Repair (BPA extends a helping hand to the needy Blinds residing in dilapidated dwelling units for repairs by procuring building materials).
  • Self-Employment Project (To promote self-employment amongst the enterprising blind individuals, the BPA provides weighing scales, popcorn machines  which they use at  public places and saleable goods such as Agarbatties, Exercise Books, Calendars , Cutlery to earn their livelihood).
  • Equipment Bank for the Blind (Association makes available the aids and appliances useful for the  Blind at a highly subsidized cost which includes Folding canes, Braille writing slates, Audible Ball, Chess Board etc. This is an unique project of its kind in Maharashtra).
  • Counseling Services (Association extends counseling services to the newly blind persons, also  conducts  Health Camp, Annual Picnic, Personality Development Programs, various Cultural and Sports Events).

On the occasion of Amrut Mahottsav  (75 Years of our Association),  we earnestly request your good self  to Sponsor some of the above projects and activities fully or partly and donate generously for the empowerment  of the Blind.

You may kindly issue your cheque in favour of “Blind Persons’ Association” or send it to “Blind Persons’ Association, Rustom Alpaiwalla Complex, Cotton Depot, Near Reay Road Railway Station (E), Mumbai –  400 033 or deposit money directly to our Bank account whose details are as under.

Name of Account : Blind Persons’ Association

Name of Bank & Branch : Punjab National Bank, Worli Seaface    Branch.

Type of Account : Saving Bank

Account No : 3740000100026036

RTGS/NEFT IFS  Code : PUNB0374000