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Blind people come across various challenges in their day-to-day life viz. Education, Employment, Health, Rehabilitation.

Many a times V.I. students  studying in Mumbai & Thane region. can not appear for their Annual exams due to unavailability of Writers. In addition, many of them fail to give various competitive exams conducted by different Government agencies.

In the Healthcare, many blind patients approaching Govt.Hospitals, find it difficult to complete the formalities like form-filling etc. due to illiteracy and feel helpless. At such times,they  need a helping hand to run from ward to ward and at different desks.

Looking at this unfortunate situation, our organization has started a new project “Volunteer Bank” to lend a helping hand to V.I. people at various levels. The person willing to work at least 2hrs.per week shall be allotted membership of this project.

Whenever we receive intimation from a V.I. person about their need for assistance, we inform the volunteer from that vicinity and help to establish the contact with each other.

As this project is just in its infancy, we have less no. of volunteers at present.

Thus, we appeal for your participation in this noble project and spread this message to like-minded people. Your contribution will certainly help V.I. people largely in making their lives easy.

Blind Persons’ Association, Mumbai needs volunteers for following:

  • Readers and Scribes (Writers).
  • Helping to put up and minding various stalls, which will include work like Registration, photography, creating awareness amongst clients/visitors.
  • Volunteers for functions like Women’s Day, Foundation Day, Hawker’s Day etc., which will include work like Registration, Photography.
  • Accompanying visually impaired to various places like Hospitals, Banks and Colleges.
  • Designing and Preparing Activity posters/Banners

Those who wish to volunteer themselves for any of the above activities are requested to contact us from Monday to Saturday between 11.30am to 5.30pm on following nos.

1. Suhas Karnik(Vice President)
Mob: 9833968861

2. Yadav Zope(Hon. Gen. Secretary)
Mob: 9004738158

3. Manohar Jadiyar( Joint secretary)
Mob: 7715023468

You can also contact us on our mail id

Refer to our link for Membership Form for Volunteers