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CPL Aromas, an International Fragrance House, in collaboration with BPA and Client Services Dept of NAB (I) carried out a survey on 283 visually impaired persons in April 2011 to assess their smelling capacity in which 66 candidates cleared this test. The results of this test indicated that, compared to the control test of sighted people, the group of visually impaired people scored twice as well.

The encouraging results of this survey made us believe that some kind of formal training to these successful candidates could create new employment opportunities.

With close coordination and regular follow-up with CPL Aromas officials, BPA took a step forward to facilitate Training Program in Perfumery for selected persons. Department of Cosmetics and Perfumery of KET’s V.G.Vaze College, Mulund, took initiative to train the successful candidates in this field.

An year long comprehensive and intensive Training Program was started in March,2012 in V.G.Vaze College and five participants completed the course successfully. Eventually all of them were employed as Junior Evaluators in Perfumery Industry.

Encouraged by this, BPA,CPL Aromas and V.G.Vaze College, Mulund  started  training program for the second batch of ten candidates from March 2014. Out of these,four candidates completed their course successfully. We are happy to announce that all of them have got an employment opportunity in the Perfume industry.Here we would like to mention that all these Nine candidates were hard pressed while hawking and were finding it very difficult to meet both the ends,but with the new jobs in perfume industry they have started earning y good wages which has changed their life in a positive manner.

Now a third batch of 10 candidates in the year 2015-2016 has started the training program at Vaze College, Mulund.