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BPA works at grassroots level and most of our clients hail from lower income group. These needy people approach us for help and guidance frequently as they have many burning issues. Although many schemes and services are available at Central and State level, most of the time people are not aware of these schemes. e.g.Admission to colleges and Hostels, Certain loan schemes,Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana,Rajiv Gandhi Arogya Yojana etc.Our Government has pledged equal rights and equal opportunities to disabled in all government organizations. As per Disability Reservation Act, 3% jobs are reserved for disabled but many a times these seats remain vacant.Under the circumstances BPA try to help our clients to resolve the issues.

BPA has done Advocacy for many burning issues until now.

  • Braille Voting system – BPA fought to have a voting system in Braille during elections along with many other NGOs.For this, signature campaigns were held, Morchas were taken out and the matter was fought in the court. At last we are successful in this cause and V.I.people now can really have their right of “secret” voting due to this facility of Braille voting system.
  • Rail Hawkers – This is our main target group. Most of the blind hawkers do their hawking on Railway bridges and trains. As this activity is not allowed legally, the hawkers have great deal of problems and are invariably drawn out from these places by railway security force. Since last 30 years, we have been fighting and pleading with Railway authorities to provide ID cards or legal license to these hawkers. For this, we have used all means like Morcha and meeting with Railway minister etc. Although we have received verbal assurances from them, we continue to fight for our cause until we get some concrete result.
  • Reserved Compartment for Disabled in the train– We were successful in getting this facility by fighting at advocacy level. Still many issues are to be resolved such as Ticket concession, Special audio sensors on platform to indicate the position of the compartment reserved for the Disabled, to cover the gap near the coupling of two compartments so that the risk of a V.I.person falling in the gap is reduced.
  • Jobs – We have been insisting on 3% reservation quota for Disabled to be filled. Few cases of late blind were fought under this. As per the law, if a person loses his sight during working tenure, he should be retained in the job and should not lose his service. BPA has assisted such clients for legal fight in the court and helped them to retain the job.
  • Education – When colleges have refused to admit blind students, we have advocated them to get admission along with normal students.