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On  Saturday, the  17th  June 2017, Blind Persons’ Association ( BPA) distributed Educational materials such as school bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, pencils, notebooks, sharpeners, erasers, scales etc. to the sighted children (of blind parents), studying from Nursery to Standard four.  The parents are    hailing from economically  weaker section of the society.  The function was organized at 3.00 p.m. at the office premises of Blind Persons’ Association, Cottongreen. Mumbai.  The office bearers Mr Suhas Karnik, President , Mr C A Patu, Vice President and Mr Ashok Kamble, Hon. Treasurer were present at the function.  The   school bags, containing above educational materials were given away by the hands of the above office bearers.  This project was benefitted for 65 sighted students of 52 blind parents.

Mr Karnik, welcomed the members attended the function.  He said that as usual this year also BPA distributes the educational materials to the needy students of blind parents, to encourage the education of small children.  Mr Patu also wished  the students for best of luck,  health and asked them  to continue study very well and the Association is ready to help them according to our financial capacity.   Mr Karnik, also informed the persons that this time also Basant Agro Chem  Ltd sponsored  the Bags, Water Bottles, Compass Boxes etc.   and Shri Hitesh Mehta of H M Classes sponsored  the Note Books.  Basant Agro Chem Ltd. is  sponsoring the bags etc. for the past two years and  Mr Mehta  has been sponsoring the Note Books for  more than a decade.  He expressed his sincere thanks on behalf of the blind persons and the management of  B P A, for their valuable assistance.   The function  got over   at  around 4.30 p.m.