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Blind Persons’ Association , Mumbai had organized school kit distribution program on Saturday, the 18th June 2022 from 2pm to 4.30 pm at Reay Road, Mumbai. We had distributed school bags, raincoats, school kits to the children of 50 Blind Parents in the presence of office bearers Mr. Suhas Karnik(Vice President), Mr. Y. D. Zope(Hon. Gen. Secretary), Mr. Manohar Jadiyar(Joint Secretary) and Mr. C. A. Patu (E.C. Member) ,Mr. Nitin Mule (E.C. Member), Mr. Nilesh Kulkarni(E. C. Member), Mrs. Sarla Padhi (E.C. Member), Ms. Ananta Bhoje (E. C. Member), Ms. Vanita Haria (E.C. member).

With kind courtesy of Mrs. Ruchi Choudhary and Mr. C. A. Patu for their acquainted Mr. Shweta Aagrawal and Mr. P. L. Tulsiani.